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Musharraf not a long-term ally of
America: think tank
The Musharraf regime is “unlikely to evolve into a long- term ally in the war on terrorism,” though the United states should seek to “prevent Pakistan from descending into chaos in the short term,” according to the Cato Institute, a leading liberal think tank.

CIA frustrated by lack of
access to Qadeer
A congressional hearing was told by a former head of the CIA that Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan“may yet be responsible for millions and millions of deaths because of what he did".
GHQ draws roadmap for
future politics
Exiled former prime minister Benazir Bhutto has had some powerful visitors in recent days.Top-level sources have told The Fact that two senior army officers met with bhutto in Dubai.

Karachi opens door to
US forces
Having teamed up with the US to help eliminate Taliban rule in Afghanistan, Pakistan is once again proving its worth in the "war on terror", this time in Washington's quest against Iran.
WB loan wasted on
foreign trips
Rs 130 million foreign loan meant for capacity building of government servants has gone down the drain as it all ended up in the foreign joy trips of the officials.

1,100 cases of police torture reported in 2004.According to a report compiled by Madadgaar, a helpline of Lawyers for human rights & legal aid (LHRLA),the majority of such case was reported from punjab and sindh.

AQ Khan case not closed.Pakistan says its proliferation case regarding Dr AQ Khan and nuclear black-marketing is not closed.

How much of Islamabad is 'planned'?The capital is well known as a planned city. But there seems to be a lot going on in a rather unplanned manner.

Life flourishes at crushing depth.Tiny single-celled creatures, many of them previously unknown to science, have been found at the deepest point.

Doctors warn of cancer 'failings'.
Cancer charities say the private sector may not be the solution Cancer patients are being failed.
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Pakistan To Press US For Sale Of F-16s.Pakistan would strongly press for the sale of F-16 fighter planes, capable of delivering nuclear weapons.

PIA About to Hike Fares Upto 20 Per Cent After Islamabad Refuses Funds.Pakistan’s national airline, PIA, is about to raise its domestic fares.

A few modest proposals.Pakistan's educational system and structure have come under a lot of criticism lately. Virtually, every conference.

Stocks gain 123 points on heavy buying in PTCL, OGDC.The KSE 100-share index maintained its upward thrust and rose by 123 points at 7,091.14.

Big computer storage gets smaller.From the world's first five-megabyte hard drive, to one which can store 400 gigabytes on 3.5 inches, computer .

Enter, the actor."I became a model and an actor to become rich and famous. Commercials are quite lucrativewhile TV plays can make me a household name.
Book Review
Politics of deceit.This book is an account of the negotiations between the military regime and the Muttahida Majlis-i-Amal that finally culminated.

Australia win again to bag best-of-three series: Five-wicket haul by McGrath.Glenn McGrath took a five-wicket haul as Australia beat Pakistan

Showbiz and Entertainment
The power of two.
Though seemingly benign, their entry into fashion photography.
Hollywood studios have mixed record in India.While 20th Century Fox has decided.
Media seek Jackson 'juror' notes.Reporters covering singer Michael Jackson's trial.

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