Dear editor fact & team member
 I want to thank you for your special efforts in bring many hidden issues in front of the public, which they might never know before.
 a few days back i by chance visited a few websites related to Balochistan, but runned by anti Pakistan elements.
 One of such website was radiobalochi.org monitored and ran from Sweden. another balochwarna.org being the largest and most famous site among the anti Pakistan or nationalist websites.
 Although Pakistan govt banned there access in Pakistan, but some American websites like behidden.com etc make them accessible from within Pakistan as well, hence the work of these websites is not affected at all.
 I request your team to right a informative article about such websites, who are running them, and who is helping them etc
[email protected]

dear editor

i m student of mass communication in bzu multan & regular visitor of your magazine since last 2 years. i like every issue of fact design, stories, matter every thing. in october issue title story is very interesting  fact investigation and fact intelligence unit is excellent. weel i like each and every thing in october issue. i read Gernail Beeti in its first edition. wants to read 2nd edition also in few dayz. maqbool sb i wants to read you book pakistan ke arab peeti khandan but it is not available in multan can
you give me some book store address?

the new additions realy good and impress me, afsanas of ''ana furrakh''.......... i like all 3 afsanas Mitti,Baatain & Too far. i read Mitti 5 times believe me, baatain & too far is also written with excellent thinking. all afsanas theme shows the love for country & truth of life in foreign countries. some proof errors are in all three but it doesn't distrub
the sequence. i can't forget the afsana Mitti i don't know why? Can i read new afsanas of ana in next issue? please send my congraulation to writer for writing such excellent afsanas or give me email address of the writer.

can you seperate the page of adab in which afsanas, poetry novel or other related things are include.



This is a good strategy to offer international books in urdu language for our readers. What is essential is not to lose the essence of truth. I would at this point mention that a special section be opened for books on afghanistan and iraq and thos should be translated in urdu.



Assalam_o_alaikum!How are you sir?Sir i am the reader of Fact.It is my favorite magezine. I am thankful to you for reply. sir you can contact me on my home phone Number # 0927-220394 or my Mobile # 0300-5655387

God bless you.

Hello editor

I am Kamal Mustafa from Tehran IRAN, a couple of years before I was worked in Pakistan in diplomatic core now I am working with press media some time your web site is very good but I want to ask, why you do not cover the reports about Muslim Umma? All the media like you, gives some information about Muslim world but does not matter “RONG OR RIGHT”. Your site is very good if you cover some special reports on Muslim Umma.
Thank you

Email: [email protected]

Dear Mr. Maqbool Arshad
I read ur article in fact about Asra Noumani.well done. On the last page of the daily Naw-A-Waqt dated 15\4\2005 there is a statement by Momna Noumani.She claims that Asra have no relation with Allama Shibli’s Family.I want to now the truth. If u have some other
information in this regard please provide me. If it is confirmed that Asra is grand daughter of Shibli then I shell disclose some interesting facts about Shibli.Please reply soon.

Muhammad Zia-Ul-Haq chohan
[email protected]

Dear Maqbool Arshad

I m read your investigation reports continuously. That was very comprehensive. Presently your feature (Asra Nomini) is too good .I hope that u will better done yrs work in future

Shahzeb beg
[email protected]

Dear editor
What are the dues of Fact magazine (monthly). Can it be available from Multan hawkers?

Imran Iftikhar
Email: [email protected]

Dear Maqbool Arshad shib
I introduce to u my self I am special correspondent of daily Nawa I Waqt in Belgium but like ur efforts if I send u some news from Belgium can u published?


Waqar Malik
[email protected]
ph 0032494332219

Hello sir,
This is to inform you that I (Zehra Ashiq Ali Vallyani) want to publish my article in your magazine. My topic is entitled as “why to be a suicide bomber”. Sir I want to share my article with you before that I need your permission. I would be highly obliged if you accept my request and publish my article. Hope to see a positive answer.

Thank you so much.
Zehra Ashiq Ali Vallyani
Email: [email protected]

Hello sir.
I am Zehra. I am sorry for bothering you again. I have sent you an article entitled “why to be a suicide bomber” but I did not get any feed back or reply that whether you have accepted my article or not. Sir please reply me soo.

Thank you

Dear Maqbool sb.

Best wishes
HS Ibrar
[email protected]

Dear editor sahib
Aap ki site ko visit ker raha hoon, journalistic point of view say achhi hay....isay visit kerta rahoon ga. Ziada tar adabi khabren aur issues release kerta hay, is liay site ki news munasib nahin rahay gi taham jesay hi aap ka adabi section develop ho ga news release ker den gay....ya phir aisa kar len keh aap amjad islam amjad kay inteview ki news bana ker apni site ka link post karen men abhi release ker doon ga.

Aap ka mukhlis

Haider qurashi
[email protected]
[email protected]

Dear Arshad
Have your mail. You ask me where I saw this interview. It was publish in Pakistan post December issue and the Kashmir centre from London post us this interview. It is nice and informative interview but it was in Urdu that’s way I am going to ask o.k. It’s too late I have a contact with Mr.Faisal through NNI news agency and we are going to take a fresh one.

Thanks for replay

D.K. (India)
Danish Kumar
Email: [email protected]

Dear editor
I read your magazine regularly and I am very impressed to your investigative reports. I am the students of mass communication in Karachi University and did internship in GEO TV Karachi. I would like working with you (FACT). I want to write investigative stories. Can you help me? I am waiting your mail.

Khalid Mughal
Email: [email protected]

How are you
Main nay aj hi fact ki site daikhi mujay boohat achi lagi or main aap ka mashkur hunk ay aap nay sachai ko batanay ka azam kia hai. Allah aap ko is main kam mai kamyab farmay or aap ki mushkilat ko asan farmay. Main saudia main hota hun or fact ka salana kharidar banna chahta hun plz aap mairi help kerain or mujay sahi tareeqa batain main aap ka bohat mamnun hung ga.

Ok good by

Waqas Tahir
Email: [email protected]

To: Mr. Maqbool Arshad.
Fact Group of Publications.

I have visited your web site and I warmly laud your daring venture. You have sufficiently dug your feet in the investigative reporting and undauntedly bringing the “facts” to light. Now it needs follow up. The painful missing link in our journalism is the follow up factor. In this context it would help if you tone down your approach of direct confrontation with “one and all”. Your focus seems much on the negative side of both events and personalities. The story on Akbar Bugti is a case in point. He is a used cartridge. It is the same with the Baluchistan insurgency. The age and periods when anarchy used to spread and the federated units become independent (“khud mukhtar”), is long since past. Rest assured, no such scheme would materialize in future.

It is true that there is hot market for scandals and sensational material. But that leads nowhere. Better to break new paths and show direction to the audience. That needs professional journalism and dedication to the national cause. It is much better that we show an erring person how to avoid falling into a bottomless pit? Bhutto was a genius. Had he been offered this miraculous supplication (du’a) for poverty alleviation, he would have grabbed it: “Allah’humma akfini be halalika a haramika; wagh’neni is fadhlika (or fazlika) Amman sivaka.” (O Allah! Make the halal sufficient for me over haram; and make me affluent out of Thy (own) bounty, other than Thou. There was nothing wrong about the rhetoric of “Roti, kapra aur makan”. He had the whole nation behind him. It was for the intelligentsia to guide him and strengthen his hands. For instance, by injecting foreign professional expertise in nationalizing banking and industry, the fault lines in the implementation would have been avoided. But he was mercilessly attacked from all sides, all the time. That explains for his stubbornness and ruthlessness.

It is same with President Musharraf. There are genuine ways of strengthening his hands by offering solutions of problems. It is emphasized that he and his set-up are being paid by the exchequer. Shouldn’t it be media’s main aim to create awareness in the people and to seek guidance and strength from wellspring of our religion, Islam? Shouldn’t we make judicious use of such material from the Qur’an and “Ahadith” that sheds our fear and deepen our faith in the ultimate triumph of good over evil? Take this priceless verse from the Qur’an: “Now those people have passed away; unto them shall be accounted what they have earned, and unto you what you have earned; and you will not be judged on the strength of what they did.” Al-Baqara (134 and 141). See, how the noble Qur’an closes the past chapter; frees us from cult personalities and leads us right into our present day life. This verse needs to be portrayed on the electronic media, on the Internet and on billboards to curb the sectarian infighting in the country.

Here is another verse that represents a shot of strength and confidence in our arms: “Say: O God. Lord of all dominions! Thou grant dominion unto whom Thou wills, and takes away dominion from whom Thou wills; and Thou exalt whom Thou wills, and abases whom Thou wills. IN THINE HANDS IS ALL GOOD. Verily, Thou hast the power to will anything.” The point to note here is that in granting and taking back power from rulers, Allah keeps the good of the people upper most in His eternal judgment. Hence, we see so frequent shifting of power from one person to another.

In journalism we are prone to spotlight on the profligacy of governments. Can’t we at the same time also underscore the losses accruing from wasteful strikes, rallies, destruction of state properties and traffic signals? The real fault lines lie in the political system. A working democracy depends primarily on two viable and mainstream political parties. Do we have this system in place? The answer is a clear “No”. Our first learned (?) P.M. set about with a single (PML) party rule. He looked with disdain on the opposition. The present two mainstream parties – the PML and PPP – both are incapable of scoring victory at the ballot box. The PML is badly splintered, while PPP is mired in cult personality of an elitist and highly corrupt person. She stripped her mother from sharing power with her and is keeping her captive. Correcting such anomalies should be the task of dedicated journalists.
I shall be glad to provide you pertinent material on the Israeli-Palestinians conflict with a plausible peaceful solution to the satisfaction of both parties.

I am a retired businessman, belonging to Lahore and am in late 70s age group. I wrote letters to editors frequently in the 1990s. Right now I am working on two vital infrastructure projects that require Chinese joint venture with the Pakistan Navy.
An acknowledgment of this input would lead to a lasting communication line between us.

Best regards,

Sher Mohammad.
59/1, Khayaban-e-Ghazi, V,
D.H.A., Kaerachi-75500.
Contact: 021 5852258 / 0300 8297217
Email: [email protected]

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