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Musharraf's Mother Says She Pushed Him in the Army Because of Sports

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General Pervez Musharraf’s mother never thought very high about her son, nicknamed ‘palloo’ during his childhood, she said in a TV interview on March 8.

“Pervez Musharraf committed more to sports and games than studies during his childhood... This was a matter of real concern,” she said, adding “I was really worried about his future… I never thought or dreamt that my son would become the country’s President.”

The report on the interview was carried by the official news agency APP and was published by major Pakistani newspapers including The Nation, which is under government attack these days as all official advertisements have been canceled.

The APP said: “Begum Zarin Musharraf, mother of President Pervez Musharraf, has said that sacrifice of life for the country and nation is a gainful bargain but she has never been scared of life attempts on her son.

My son has participated in wars as a soldier and I have always expected that he can embrace martyrdom while defending his homeland, Begum Zarin told a local TV channel in an interview.
She said, Musharraf is a brave and bold person having excellent ability of decision making.
He thinks well before making a decision and always decides right, she said adding he always remains normal and calm on such occasions.

He always takes things in their positive perspective with a note of optimism while making important decisions.

She wished her son succeeds in achieving settlement of the long-standing Kashmir issue saying, “I wish the credit goes to him and I am quite optimistic."

Begum Zarin said, those involved in life attempts on her son are terrorists and extremists.
Recalling early days of her life, Begum Sahiba said, she graduated from Delhi University in 1931 and obtained a master’s degree in history from Lucknow University in 1944-45.

I had three sons but no daughter she said, all of her sons are leading a successful life. She said, her son Javed Musharraf presently settled in Rome was a brilliant child throughout his academic career.

Naveed Musharraf, a bit silly during his childhood was yet a promising student and fully devoted to his studies, she said. He is presently serving as a doctor in Chicago, she informed.

Pervez Musharraf committed more to supports (misspelled, meaning sports) and games than studies during his childhood was a matter of real concern, she said adding “I was really worried about his future.”

Asked was there any nick name for Pervez Musharraf during his childhood she said, it was only for some time that he was called ‘palloo’ by his family members but the term could not go along with him as he grew up and was forgotten.

She said it was my idea that Pervez should join the army vis-a-vis his fondness for sports and his physical appearance.

During his career in the army, I had been praying for his progress and promotion she said adding I wished he reaches the rank of Chief of Army Staff.

I never thought or dreamt that my son would become the country’s President, she said.
It is a gift from Almighty Allah that he attained this status, she added.

Recalling the day of October 12 when the plane with his son onboard was not allowed to land on country’s airports she said, the eight hours time was a doomsday for his father and me.

Neither we had any knowledge nor any body from outside was telling what is going to happen. We were sitting before the TV screen and it was only after the suspension of TV transmission that some people from outside gave us some good hope, she said.

To a question Begum Sahiba said that she mostly resides with President Musharraf because his wife is very nice and a caring lady, she remarked.

About her everyday routine the content lady said, she wakes up at five in the morning and leaves for a walk after taking a shower.

On coming back from walk, she offers her morning prayers and recites the Holy Quran and goes back to bed for an hour or so.

In her message to young ladies Begum Sahiba said, the women should play their due role in nation building activities but they should also take care about the good up bringing of their off springs to make them responsible members of the society.

I have been a working women throughout my life and have also ensured good training of my children, she concluded.


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