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Anza-III missile to end Indian

Fact Report

Pakistan has developed a new air defence system consisting of Sam Missile named as Anza-III, which is ready to undergo tests. The missile system has been already tested in different stages.

The Anza-III is the advanced form of Anza-MK-I and Anza-MK-II. The basic difference between them is that the first and second Sam Missiles were portable and could be fired from shoulder. While the new version Anza-III is fired by a mobile or fixed launcher.

Though the technical details of the missile are yet to be revealed but the sources claim that Anza-III can destroy any air target within 10-15 kilometers. The Anza-III is basically an anti-aircraft missile and with further research it could be modified as an anti-missile weapon. The Anza-III is lifted in the air by a booster with solid fuel while the heat guidance system, armed with infrared equipment, leads it to the target.

With a successful test of Anza-III missile system, Pakistan would be able to finish the Indian dominance of Indian Akash missile. All the missiles of Anza series have been successfully developed by Kahuta Research Laboratories of Pakistan.
It is said that Pakistani Anza-MK-I had shot down Indian MiG-21 and MiG-27 fighter jets in Kargil Sector on May 26, 1999.

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